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Friday, December 16, 2011

What is the language?

The language is the archaeology over the ground. It is the only one that comes from the past and will be in the future almost the same without having on its shoulder any of temporary material objects. The objects, art, tools made in every epoch are made by the human mind, but each of them explains simple stages and they are pretty understandable things for the contemporary humans, but we can not say that for the only abstract thing that comes from the past and stands still alive in our days like it was thousands years ago; it is inside our genes, and it's the only one that makes us human. It is much more complicated compared with any other our science because inside the language is every thing, which unfortunately is the most neglected and we are not still capable to understand its heart. It is the most advanced and complicated thing of the universe. It can not be compared with the archaeology, or even parallelized. The archaeology can tell us only about 0.000001 % of the human's history.

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