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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Language Evolution

How humans made language is a very difficult question.

Did they make all language hearing-imitating the sounds of everything in the nature which makes sound?
Did human beings use their sounds for referring to water, animals, wind, storm, scratch, etc ?
Or, they slowly created words for referring to the most important needs of their existence using many ways of words coding starting from the beginning of their conscious.

I think, they probably made first words in this order:

I. Water.(u)

1. River(lu)
2. Rein(shi)

II. Food.(ug)

1. Hungry/saturated.(huhr)/?
2. Fruit available to them.(ho)
3. Eat. (ha)

III. Dangerous/Safety.(lihg-z'ho)

2. Animal predators of the human flash.(hau)
3. Fear.(bhr)

IV. Protection/existence.(hon)

1. Tool/weapons: wood and stone.(hu-ghu)
2. Tree, cave.(ih-oh).
3. Make.(bho)
3. Run. (hihg)

V. Reproduction/Sex.(ghi)

1. Woman-man.(go-gu)
2. Kids.(mi)

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