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Sunday, December 18, 2011


What does ethos mean?

A common Albanian-speaker will mention the verb /them/: Une them , ti thua, ai thote, ne themi, ju thoni, ata thon(ë) / I say, you say, he says, we say, you say, they say (s), While in the past: Une thash(ë), Ti the, Ai tha, Ne tham(ë), Ju that(ë), Ata than(ë) / I said, You said, He said, We said, you said, they said (s). Or imperfect: Une thoja, Ti thoje, Ai thoshte, Ne thoshnim, Ju thoshnit, thonit, ata thoshnin, thonin /I said, You said, He said,….You said, they said.

Now, the /thosh/ form is so close to the /ethos/ as letters are. Albanian language uses a very interesting way to substitute the grammatical elements. For example, Ai e tha/ he have said that, where the /e/ form is a substitution of the “that”. Albanian is not like English or every other language.

I have to add also the past perfect: Unë kisha thënë, ti kishe thënë,../ I had said, you had said, and the future tense: Une do të them, ti thuash, ai do te thote/ I will say, you will say, he will say, .. We will say. There is another form, which leads more closely to the ethos is the conditional mode: Unë do të thoshja/thoja, ti do te thoshje/ thoje, ai do te thoshte(only one form in this case)/ I would say, You would say, etc.

For example: Si do e thoshje ti ketë? / how would you have said?

The /ethos/ concept is found in the Aristotle’s books. It is about how others believe you because of what you say, and how you say it. So, the way how a speaker talks with other people determines the ethos.

While the Albanians, they are not Aristotle's, /thosh/ is simple understood as a way of using the words, a very important word for every language.

I always have assumed Aristotle has lived and written his books at that time, some centuries before Christ was born.
Thoti is found in Egypt thousands of years ago. He is related with the writing/speaking of the Egyptian language.

And /thos/, it is very interesting how close to the original "ethos" is, not only as their letters are, but they have either monozygotic definitions.

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