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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Words Organization In a Language

Language Growth.

Primarily growth

Primarily words- The skin of the language

In the beginning there were a single layer of words. Main role was to find nutrition, and to react for protection from other animals such as run, climb a tree, etc


Language ground is the layers of words made by work feature of speakers- Using tools to get more food, and to be protected from animals involved:
  • every movement of physical world including the speaker 
  • every static object of physical world including the speaker 
  • every inner human physical worlds of seeing, tasting, touching, smelling and feeling.

Secondary growth

After a certain first stage, after the skin and the ground language was formed, the primarily words were rapidly divided and differentiated the same concept to different physical world fixtures. It was a pre-programmed words creation by physical world fixtures.

Language endless growth

Language never quit growing. It continues to grow throughout time.

Primarily words and ground continue to divide by new fixtures of physical world changed by speakers producing differentiated new words which differentiate to mirror the new physical world fixtures at the moment that their existence is understood, or of the new physical world elements produced by speakers.

The pattern of language growth depends upon the location of major changes of physical world, new discoveries of physical world and new physical world element produced by speakers, human physical world.
Changes in understanding-making of physical world increase the number of words. The growth in this direction is inevitable because the physical worlds has endless features. There are unknown physical world features we do not have words. When human beings will need those features to be linked to what we call language they will create new words comparing them to the physical world feature for which there is no human language.

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