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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nazi Communist Vladimir Putin propaganda

How the language is being used to create the propaganda?

Words have power. How many times we have heard it?

The language, or the thought divides every information that comes to a listener, but the listener react based on the "labels" of concepts (events, situations) and the "selections" of them. They put them in their memories. There is a fact that people do always have the "labels" which they consider as the absolute truth. Those "labels" will shape their reality in the future. Their "labels" are determined until certain age and after that their thoughts and decisions will be based only on their subjective "labels" and " 'selections". This is the power of words. Our "labels-words" determine how we conceive the world. The "labels" can be used to create a "new reality", even thought it is completely a lie.

In an effort to shape public opinion at home and abroad, the Nazi propaganda had to call first "labels" of event-situations such as: "ethnic Germans", "not being treating right", "protect my people". So, after the labels were called before invading Poland, the people tend to select that "The German military intervention is to defend ethnic Germans and occupation policies are justified ", and after he attacked Poland which sparked World War II.

In the Ukraine case Putin is using this propaganda that has been used before. Putin called up three Nazi "labels" to justify his invasion of Ukraine.

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