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Friday, December 26, 2014

Nazi-Communist Vladimir Putin #2

I am readdressing this topic again because the actions of Putin's intolerance are escalating.

So far, Nazi-Communist Vladimir Putin seems to feel a grande nostalgia for the time when Russia he thinks had dignity. It is obvious Putin is escalating the propaganda in order that Russia will regain that degnity. Russian people once were a big proud nation, and his beloved Russia was the head of the socialist camp.

The propaganda of Putin is a combination of two elements: fear from an enemy and incite ordinary people to tolerate mass violence. Putin is proposing a granfalloon situation naming NATO's military buildup near its border as the main military threat and Russia could use nuclear weapons.

Now, NATO is to be blame for the all Russia problems. Crimea is a legal part of Ukraine, a sovereign nation. Putin knew everything about Hitler and Czechoslovakia but he invaded Crimea. In the annexation of Crimea Putin crossed the line. Every dictator has had the first step and his new doctrine. His new doctrine is portraying NATO as a enemy of Russia because NATO is the only obstacle in the way to his beloved Russia.

First step of Hitler was when he took over Czechoslovakia because of "ethnic Germans"-"not being treating right"-"protect my people". So, those labels "ethnic Germans"-"not being treating right"-"protect my people". were called before invading Czechoslovakia. The people tend to select that "The German military intervention is to defend ethnic Germans and mass violence is justified ", and after Czechoslovakia he attacked Poland which was the second country to be invaded by Hitler and sparked World War II.

Hitler invaded:

The Netherlands
USSR: Russia, Ukraine and Crimea.

There is only one difference between. At that time of Hitler NATO did not exist. 

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