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Friday, October 24, 2014

Platini and UEFA, shame on you!

Platini and UEFA, shame on you!

You do not need to be too smart,or a famous ex-soccer player, or very highly educated to understand what happened in Belgrade during the soccer match between Serbia and Albania.

How could the highest institution Soccer in Europe UEFA get the idea to reward a forfeit victory 3: 0 to the Serbian Football Association for the Belgrade soccer match scandal, where Albanians soccer players were threatened by the spectators verbally with death for 40 minutes, only because they were Albanians and not because they were common opposing team players, and beaten by opponents, hooligans and stadium security guards.

Michel Platini and UEFA; the hypothesis against Albanians are the introduction of unauthorized banners and the team abandoned the field. The allegations against the Serbs include, among other things, violence against the visitors.

With regard to the first allegation, after the investigation there is no evidence that it was the Albanian delegation to fly the flag. The investigation search did not find and prove anything.

With regard to the second allegation, it was the referee who ordered the Albanian team players to exit the field.

That said, if my logic serves me correctly, if you accuse one party of violence, say that you cannot accuse the other party had left the camp.

Through this request we urge and demand UEFA’s endorsement of a professional and impartial investigation of the violent incidents taking place during the EURO 2016 eliminatory Serbia–Albania soccer match, held on the 14th of October 2014, in Belgrade, Serbia. This request appeals for a resolute stance by UEFA, based on its statutory provisos and informed by international standards of fair play – in view of redressing injuries and unwarranted treatment incurred by the Albanian Team, by levying proportionate penalties for this extremely grave precedent and safeguarding the very future of UEFA and fair play standards in the soccer field.

Referring to UEFA’s Regulation, the following contraventions and serious breaches of principles and standards have been recorded:

1. In light of Article 14, racist propaganda and hate speech abounding in the Partizani Stadium in Belgrade comprises a deplorable liability by the organizational party.

Throughout the 42-minute long duration of the match, ample audio-visual evidence confirms the presence of:

a) Heavy chanting and scores of banners articulating hate speech and racist slogans (such as “Kill, kill the Albanians”, “Kosovo is Serbia”, “Kill all so they no longer exist” “Kill Albanians, so Croatians will have no more brothers” etc.), including orchestra-aided songs and chants of the ultra-nationalist brand; 

b) Burning of the Albanian flag, from the frenzied groups of Serbian fans, who had the exclusivity of the Stadium as per the special regulations and arrangements by the Serbian party prior to the match;

c) Burning the official uniform of the national team of Albania from Serbian fans in the stadium’s tribune;

d) Burning of the flag bearing the NATO insignia during the course of events instigated by particularly violent factions of Serbian fans, including also individuals with grave precedents in other international matches.

UEFA has to uphold its highest values and live up to its banner “Say No to Racism!” by expressing itself duly on expression of xenophobia and hate speech in the soccer field, including those informed by racial, ethnic or political backgrounds.

2. In light of Article 16, regulating responsibilities and liabilities of the host organizing country, including those regarding safety standards and security in the playing field, the match interrupted by the appointed international referee registered the following:

a) Breach of Article 16/a by allowing invasion of field of play and way of failing to safeguard the playing field and allowing entry of violent fans, including those with previous criminal precedents who have also been subject to UEFA penalties in the past;

b) Breach of Article 16/b by way of failing to take adequate control measures against the throwing of objects in the field area – starting from minute 10’ with the hitting of the keeper of the Albanian Team with heavy objects, through to the end of the playing time with the heaving of objects against guest players;

The selfsame proviso was breached by way of organizational failures to control the hurling and pitching of objects on the soccer field, including the drone flying Albanian flag insignia – an object forcefully seized by Serbian players, becoming subject to scorn and thereby creating the premises for provocation and confrontation.

Notwithstanding the ado of high level security within and without the Stadium, the organizing Serbian party failed to provide for due safety and security, and should have not let any flying objects over into the stadium.

It should also be noted that the audience comprised exclusively Serbian fans. In view of the UEFA’s ruling and Serbia’s Football Federation warnings, there was a total lack of Albanian fans in the stadium and as well as outside the stadium, because of the countless police and special security forces within the premises and an extended area around the perimeter of the Stadium. As such, the drone could not have been flown into the stadium by Albanian fans, but must have been a clear provocation for the Albanian national team.

In any case, it is important to accentuate that the flying drone with symbols of Albanian flag, WAS NOT the cause of ceasing the game by the arbiter, the match had been stopped previously due to the throw of fireworks in the field.

c) Breach of Article 16/c by way of failing to uphold field safety standards and allowing the repeated throw of fireworks, including the ones leading to the disruption of the game in minute 42’;

d) Breach of Article 16/d by way of allowing the use of laser pointers disturbing the players in the field and use of electronically commanded devices above the field.

e)Breach of Article 16/e by way of allowing the presence of racist banners and hate speech slogans, and concomitant burning of the national Albanian flag and the NATO flag within the premises of the Stadium;

f) Breach of Article 16/f in view of the physical and psychological injuries perpetrated and the extreme risk exposure of the members of the Albanian Team, jeopardizing their lives, including by violent fans and apparent personnel turning aggressive, both in the soccer field and along the exit corridor. Due to this evident physical and psychological violence the players of the Albanian national team, wouldn’t be in any way in conditions to continue the match!

g) Breach of Article 16/h by way of disruption of national anthem, noisily interrupting, loud whistling and chorus singing, as well as showing contempt by turning the back, during the time allotted for the singing of the Albanian national anthem. This undignified gesticulation witnessed in the Name of Stadium in Belgrade comprises a precedent deserving of due penalties and is worthy of heavy shame.

Each of the above violations is proven by international pictures and videos.

In view of the abovementioned facts and observations:

Genuinely concerned and fittingly insulted by the extraordinary violence and harassment perpetrated against the players of the Albanian Team, whose performance held up to fair play and highest professional sportive standards;

Disappointed at the dismal failure of host organizational standards to provide for physical security of the members of the Albanian Team, so as to lead to the suspension and eventual foreclosure of the match following the physical assault on Albanian players by violent fans and apparent personnel;

Dismayed at the racist and xenophobic acts (including the burning of national Albanian symbols and desecration of insignia of a national and international political background) which bring heavy damage to the global image and sports culture;

We hereby urge and demand that UEFA provide its clear stance on the incidents:

In full respect of principles and standards of fair play, as well as safety and security standards, stipulated in its statutory and regulatory instruments and mechanisms;

In keeping with the values of its “Say No to Racism” message and its global outreach;

Condemning the violent incidents and levying the due penalties for organizational failures, relating to patent breaches of UEFA provisos regarding field safety and security, as well as racist and hate speech, thereby redressing wrongs, shocking for audiences worldwide, encountered by the Albanian Team in the host stadium in Belgrade and at the same time delivering a clear ruling and resolute message in support of professionalism and fair play on the soccer field.

Platini-UEFA's decision about Serbian scandal is a precedent that every European soccer team can win the match 3-0 in the table if:

1. Fans sing Nazi-racist choruses against the soccer player nationality.

2. Fans burn the national flag of the opposing team.

3. Fans burn the flag of NATO.

4. Fans threaten to death the opposing team players. "Kill, kill, kill “X” people.

5 There is a evidence of pure physical violence: kicks and punches be thrown to the opposing team players and staff: Anyone with the opposing team badge and staff  are under attack.

5.a Hooligans invade the field and hit the opposing team players.

5.b Stadium Security guards beat the opposing team players.

You can see the video of the match which is worth millions of words on what really happened.

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