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Sunday, February 2, 2014

US Citizenship Naturalization Test 2014

The test consists of two parts: the civics test and the English language test.

I. The Civics Test (Illinois)

The civics test is an oral test. The USCIS officer will read the questions and the applicant must answer verbally. In the civics test, applicants must answer correctly 6 out of 10 questions on American history and civics. The 10 question are randomly selected from the list of 100 questions. Some questions require only one answer but there are more than one(1) correct answer. The applicant needs to know only one (1) choice if in the question is required only one answer, but if the question asks for more than one(1) answer the applicant needs to answer according to what the question requires. If the applicant answers the first six(6) questions correctly, the applicant is finished with the civic test.

Applicants are given two chances to take the civics tests. Applicants who fail the test during their first interview will be retested within from 60 to 90 days. The applicants who fail the retest are denied naturalization, but they retain their status as Lawful Permanent resident. If they still wish to pursue U.S. citizenship, they must reapply for naturalization and repay all associated fees.

In order to help the applicants of the state of Illinois in this process I have concentrated 100 questions and answers in five JPEG format pages. There are only five pages to be learned.


1. Read each sentence many times until you can read it without extended pauses. Comprehend any word of the sentence and pay attention to the whole meaning of the sentence.

2. Repeat many times the words you are not familiar with. Read them out loud.

3. Try to eliminate the pronunciation errors that interfere the meaning of the word.

4. Use the Audio CD with 100 Questions and Answers in your audio devices, in your cellphone, in your car stereo while driving, etc . Listen the audio CD as many times as possible.

5. After you have understood all questions and answers and listened the audio write down the questions and the answers as many times as possible.





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