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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Proprieties attributed to God.

Linguistic proprieties attributed to God.

Are linguistic proprieties attributed to God tight with a set of logical elements of words-concepts?

Do the words-concepts for God fit together linguistically?

Linguistic God attributes should exist together in harmonious, in a stable system of the linguistic elements which are based on the human needs, fears, feelings, and knowledge at the time of their formation.

God Words concepts did not come out in a day or suddenly. Before the creation of the God’s name there were too many Gods, proper names. They were related with specific elements of the nature such as the water, sky, fire, which are simple to be explained linguistically.

The God word is more complicated because it is an abstract word.

Did God word-concept come into existence gradually from a generalization of all attributes of primary concrete gods?

In Albanian language is so clear that God name is a title name. Albanian is the only language that one of the words for God includes such notions as a God, courtesy title for men, and also it applied to persons as a legal possessor of a his / her house, land, etc. Common people in a certain sense in Albanian are Gods of their own proprieties.

For primitive humans to say that a god was the God of gods is to say that God occupies a greater position to them, for example, a natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, the brightest star, or the Sun. Being a “natural elevation of the earth surface”, a big star, or the sun was essential to the concept being the God of all gods for primitive human beings.


Those objects cannot be ruled by the concrete objects of the specific gods as the water-god, or the fire-god. Those natural objects are the only objects which are in a very high position compare with the other elements of the earth surface.

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